Set Your Campaign’s Objective and Parameters

What do you want your campaign to achieve? The campaign’s objective should be as specific as possible. For example, “more sales” is too broad. A specific metric is required—a specific amount of sales for a specific product or service within a specific amount of time. Why? So that the parameters of your campaign are laser-focused and you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign as it proceeds.

A common marketing campaign objective formula is: What will be achieved plus how long the marketing campaign will run.

For example, “Sales of face beauty masks will increase by 50% in three months.” Or, “Sales of travel services will increase by 15% over the next eight weeks.”


Determine How You Will Measure Success

What metrics are you going to use? The numbers will tell you if your marketing campaign is succeeding. If not, metrics will allow you to assess whether continuing with the campaign is worth the cost.


Make sure you have the right tools in place to track your metrics. If your marketing objective is to increase the awareness of your brand or to improve your website’s search engine page ranking, you can use Google Analytics.




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